It all started when...

Restore the Nations, founder Chantel, would walk into desolate third world nations, dirt roads, and find herself immersed with children. No matter the country, the children always came to the music and dance began to be the heart language felt by all and the language that broke through barriers. As she would incorporate dance and movement with various organizations they began to see the cry and request more and more "Teacher, teach me to dance," were words spoken after the dance would be over by numerous girls in a rescue home. The healing that would take place as girls once sold in the sex trade would find rest. We knew we were onto something, much greater and bigger than ourselves, so Restore the Nations was born.  


Meet the Founder

Chantel Schirmer is the Founder and President of Restore the Nations. She has over ten years of international experience working in third world countries around the globe, including Cambodia, Thailand, Ethiopia, India, and various nations in Europe. Her heart is most alive when others are set free to be who they were created to be. She believes our light shines brightest in the darkness and is ready to take the stand for others to come into freedom.



Your donation helps bring healing to those at-risk and sexually exploited in SE Asia and beyond.